May 26, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue

Week - 34 Working With The Red Cross

Hey hey everybody!!
So ill be honest, I have like no time so this will be really short but I think Ill be able to send some pictures later today.
So this week was busy, but not really the busy that I wish it was. We were able to help out a lot at the Red Cross this week. I was able to go to days and work for almost most of the day. And It was good work and fun but it did take a lot away finding in our area. So the days that I went I worked in like the clothes department I guess you could say. I was able to help people come in and find clothes that would fit them or there family members who had been effected by the flooding. This has to be a really tough situation but it was really good to be able to help those when they really needed that. There were people coming from cities that had been completely wiped out from the floods. Like gonee. Its crazy.
Also one of the best things I think that happened at the read cross this week was all the people we met and were able to talk to. It was funny because the first day I was there everyone was a little weird or precautious about us but in a couple hours it was like we were best friends with all of the workers there. One thing that one of the girls said to me as we were jsut talking was something to the effect of.. your like fun and exciting, not like our boring priests that we have here.. oh man that made myy day and I couldnt stop laughing. But we got a lot of numbers, invited tons to english class and taught about the first lesson to almost everyone. We gave out six book of mormons there too! That was way awesome the see and now hopefully it can just keep progressing like that.
We have been doing loads of finding and it is definitely hard but I know I feel the best when we are out working. We actually got let in last night and that was way cool. This older couple let us in and gave us juice and cake and it was sooo good. Its always nice to see tracting really work, I do know that it works and its just how determined we are. So we were able to teach them and they have a son that has heard and i think read the Book of Mormon so we are trying to keep in contact but they actually live somewhere else. I dont know but it was def a good experience for me. Well that is really about all for this week.
Ya basically that is all soo sorry its short but Ill talk to you next week. Love you all and have a wonderful summer!
elder lowis


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