May 19, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue

Week - 33

Hello all!!!
Ok I got someee gooood news for yall today haha.
You might have already heard but Serbia and Bosnia have been getting TONS of rain and have actually started to flood... ya. So ya ill talk a little bit about that right noww. Anyways i think around tuesday it started raining pretty hard and it did not stop at all. Im not even kidding it poured from tuesday all through the night, all through wednesday and the night and then slowed up on thursday. But then started raining again thursday night. So yaa i dont think i have ever been more soaking in my life but I still felt good getting out and trakting instead of just staying inside or doing nothing. And so it didn't effect me to much the streets were flooded and stuff and it was pretty bad but about an hour away apartment buildings were flooding the whole first floor and some of the second. So on saturday we got the go to help out and put sandbags along the rivers that overflowed and ya. So we got out early in the morning, got on a bus to go, but it didnt go... I was soo mad. Aparrently it was way unorganized and they had a lot of people helping already so we didnt even get to go. it was alright but I so wanted to go help and get pictures. That was far away but the only thing that effected us was that we couldn't drink water from the sink for a while. And so we went to the store to buy good water and everyone in belgrade seemed to be buying water too hahaha. The lines were soo long and the water was cleared out like right after us. Soo Everything is fine now, its all under control and its actually sunny now ha. That was pretty fun though this week.
So this week was the week of transfers and that was interesting. Elder Odiorne and I did have a hard transfer with him being sick and all and us not working a lot due to that, but I learned a lot being with him. I know learned how to step it up for sure. It was nice to see me going from the one who never had to say anything because a trainer was there, to being the one that has to do wayy more than I thought. And ya it was hard but it was amazing. And he was just soo fun. I can tell my language shot up, not like im fluent or even close, but to the point were I could tell it was growing and I am more than thankful for that
So this week we went trakting a lot... Like a lot ha. And as not fun as it is, it works. maybe not every week but tracting works and i know that. It ticks me off when others are like trakting never works.. and it just because they go for an hour and then nothing so they stop. as hard as it is it works and i havent seen lots work from it this week but i have had the most conversations at the door last week than my whole mission and thats been wonderful for me to see.
Church was good this week and everything went well. The numbers were a little lower than usual but still we did have a couple investigators there and that was good to see. Alright las little thing for today. So for third hour we get to teach priesthood and Elder Skirkovich and I were able to teach. He is the man let me tell you. There was a little tension in church because of the floods and a little argument thing broke out and i felt terrible. We were in church and that shouldnt be happening.. and the next thing i knew elder skirkovich was up at the pulpit and had enough. he basically said bretheren stop right now. We have a lesson we can talk about this later but what is important right now is that we learn and feel the spirit. And it got very quiet and the next thing i now, we were teaching. It was awesome and we just taught about inviting people here to do more, for members to reach out and grab those that need the gospel. And as i thought more about that we have physical floods here that really are drowning some and damaging the country. But the spiritual flood is bigger than that here. As I saw the people of serbia get together and want to help everyone else out that morning i was there, and the willingness they had... How willing are we to help someone spiritually drowning. Is our hand outstreched or do we just swim away. Its so crazy to think about everyone here that has no idea about the gospel and we were able to kinda pump up the members that last hour. It was a wonderful sunday overall and I love sundays always. Well that was about all that happened this week lovesss to everyone and talk to you all next week!!

Elder Lowis


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