February 17, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Unice

Week 20 - Taught a Professional Soccer Player

Dear Everyone,
Ok so I dont even know where to start.. This week was by far the most interesting week of my mission so far!! And thats a good thing haha. So at the begging of this week I had to go with some of the elders and my companion to work on their visas. All three of them had to renew and I didnt have to do any thing till Valentines day with mine so I kinda just went along for the ride. So we got to the mup and were waiting and all this stuff and it was way boring. So while one of the elders was complaining about how ridiculous this is a couple over heard him and started talking with him. Then he and my comp had to go right away to work on there visas and that left me and another elder just hanging out. So we started talking to them haha. So get this... This guy is from africa and is here playing professional soccer for the crvena zvezda team here. Thats like a really good team here and he plays for them!! His girlfriend is from serbia but she knows english pretty good and so we just had a dandy conversation with them about everything and it was so sweet. Then after that we set up an appointment to go teach them... Ya im going to teach a pro soccer player? haha I couldnt believe it myself. So all four elders were able to go back and teach them at the end of the week. but before we taught them we all got to tour the soccer stadium and museum because of him!!! It was definitely one of the coolest things i have done on my mission! Anyways we taught them at his apartment and it was so funny he had some soccer buddies and he was all like, "come over and meet my american friends" haha so we got to meet to other professional soccer players and teach one of them! AHHH it was the sweetest thing ever! Only the bad news now.. he didnt really like playing here in serbia so he broke his contract and is going to be leaving this monday, today, most likely. So Idk i mean we were able to teach him and he said he has seen us missionaries before so i can only hope that wherever he decides to go play he sees some missionaries there and gives them the story of there lives haha. Anyways that was def the highlight of my week. And like i said i got to do my visa stuff and now i have a visa!!! So that is way awesome got some new stuff in my passport! So last thing! I got to go on an exchange, my fist one with elder hixon. That was so awesome like he is from az too so we got along so good and it was just a blast. I was in Novi Belgrade with him and we got to go visit some less actives and that we went to go visit. So that was chill and now im back here with my normal companion. But that was pretty much all for this week, hope everything is going well for everyone!! Have a wonderful week, miracles happen everyday! Remeber that okay? ha later
Love Elder Lowis


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