September 14, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 101

What a great week!!

Honestly emailing comes to fast. Last week I thought to myself that I have 4 more weeks to email, thats a good amount. It will take a while and I will be able to enjoy my time. It's not working like that unfortunately... It just going really fast!!

Last Monday we went to Pula for Pday! It really was quite the sight to see and being there was really fun. We drove there in the morning and arrived a hour and little later driving next to the coliseum :) That itself was incredible. We walked around in there for a while took picutres and just enjoyed ourselves. There was this little booth in there were you could get dressed up like a emporer or soldier and I knew I most likely wouldn't ever come back so why not haha. We payed like 5 dollars to get dressed up and I was a soldier. The armor and everything was legit too, I seriously weighed like 40 punds total. Pretty cool! We also walked around the city saw some fortresses and the sea. That day the clouds were amazing, we got some sweet pictures with them. I think that was about it though for P day though.

This last week I also was in Zagreb for an exchange... Man that was really good. I got to be with my first trainee, Elder Pantelakis. It was a blast, not just because we goofed off and didn't work but because we worked hard and just had tons of fun doing it. We also played bball one night with an investigator and were playing one on one and Elder Pantelakis wrecked me haha. He does have like 6 inches on me but still it was a little embarising. Its crazy to think that I have one more exchange this week for the rest of my mission. Im actually going to go to a city named Varazdin. That is the only city in croatia that I haven't seen so after that, I will have been in them all! Those two days there flew by and before I knew it I was on the way back to Rijeka!

This Sunday I got a little surprise as well :) always love those. Sacrament had already started and we were missing a speaker.. So Ivan the one conducting goes up and gives the schedule of the talks.. He said something like first I will speak and then I invite elder Lowis to give a talk and then the last speaker at the end.. And he just smiled as he invited me. I will have to get him back sometime. Luckily as a missionary I just read the scriptures and Book of Mormon every morning so I just shared that. I talked about the holy ghost. I had been reading in Alma that day about Amalakijah (I don't know how to spell that in english anymore) and how he took his followers away and even some people from the church followed him... etc. One verse really explains a good doctrine of the holy ghost for us. It said they were quick to forget the Lord ther god. That led to loosing the spirit, and being lead down to destuction. If there is one thing I know 100 percent about the spirit is when it leaves me. Yes thats sad but its also great to recognize that, change, and invite it back. We must remember the Lord everyday!!! That we promise when I take the sacrament! The holy ghost is so vital in our lives, when we remember the Lord we are promised his spirit. Let us all do those things that will give our minds time to reflect on him and all he has done for us.

I love this mission. I try to make everyday worth it, I don't have that much more unfortunately. I love you all, I love the Lord and this Gospel! Have good weeks, do good things :) Love
Elder Lowis

PS.. Note to everone: After I get home from October to January I will just be looking for a job and hopefully working that whole time. If any of you know of possible work please let me know when I get home. That would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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