August 31, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 99

Dear Everyone,
This week was fantastic. I don't know what else to say :) This week we saw success in the work in an unusual way, had a great Sunday meeting and just enjoyed the time here in Rijeka.

So first about Sunday. If you all don't know yet, Rijeka is one of the vacation spots a lot of europeans like to come visit. This week at church we had three families of visitors!! One from Germany, one from Italy and the other from Austria. It was so nice having crazy kids during the meetings.. It reminded me a little of home haha. But for a little story about them. The Austrian family sat in front of me and me companion and they had 5 kids, just a really young family. After my talk I sat down for a little, picked up the toys they dropped and all that stuff and then started playing with them a little. I showed them the inflatable tie trick and one of them (Adrian of 7 years) was soo impressed. By the way, yes I remembered how to ask their names in German and how old they were thanks to good old language classes at high school. It as hilarious because as we were singing the closing song he was blowing as hard as he could on his tie waiting to see if the other end would get big. #classic. Later I showed him and his little brother the "take your thumb off one" and there they went trying to pull their thumbs off.. All in all it was a great Sunday :)

This week we also found a sweet new investigator! He actually called us and said he found our book, thought we lost it and then wanted to return it. Over the phone I told him he could keep it if he wanted, it was free and a gift from us to him ;) He said it was alright but that he would like to come give it to us.. :( Little did we know that he would come and have nothing to do and talk with us for like half an hour. He told us his little story, that his brother got the book from us, gave it to him and he read a little. He continued to tell us he heard something about Mormons 2 days before and then recieved the book. "I don't believe in coincidences" he said, showing us Isaiah 55:8-9! Thats just how god works and I would like to learn about your church... Cool huh? Of course after that meeting he took the book back, said he would read the whole thing and wants to come talk again. That was a great little surprise for the day, and just goes to show that Lord does work in mysterious ways. My favorite!

The rest of the week was pretty normal, we were out finding on the streets for a while and now excited that we will be able to teach someone on a regular basis. The work continues to go forward. I love it, and always will. I can't believe today finishes this month, that means one more full one to go and sadly my time here will have to come to an end. Until them I'm just going to forget all that and work till they won't let me because I have to come home. Missionary work brings incredible blessings!!! I hope you all have another great week!
Elder Lowis


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