July 7, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 92 Enjoying the Work

Hello Everyone!
This is really weird because I just had time last Friday to email and here I am again.. :) I'm not going to complain! I don't really have that much to tell though. Its only been three days since them but still a couple cool things have happened this week.

To start off, we got some new news about the mini missionaries that will be staying with us. So my companion will be leaving Rijeka and my companions companion is staying. But on top of that, his brother is going to com as well so I will still have a mini missionary from Belgrade! It is going to be cool, and It really is a miracle to have been able to see the progress they have made and how much the gospel has changed them. I still remember them when I was there for their baptism in Belgrade and its awesome to be able to serve with them.

Also this week we might have another baptism! Its really unbelievable for me to see so many possibilities for baptism coming up and its just amazing. This girl here has been an eternal investigator here and we were just joking with her, because we had a recent baptism, that she should get baptized and then she was like ok.. haha its was a big shock for everyone there and then she talked with President Grant and us and is taking the lessons again real quick and might go to Zagreb to be baptized by him this next saturday. That would be such a miracle!

We have also been talking with one of our neighbors in the apartment and he is so cool. He is 16 and has been friends with the missionaries for a while and finally we have been able to start teaching him the gospel! He came to church for the first time, stayed all three hours and then even stayed later to make a little lunch. He is awesome and is also like top in the country for his weight class in boxing and travels the world. He is going to take some time to change but he is ready to learn more and everything has been going good!

I think that about covers all, I have to go to Zagreb for some meetings and thats probably going to take up the rest of the day.. :(

Have fun and be good! Love yall!

Love Elder Lowis


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