May 11, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 84

Hey fam!!
I don't really know exactly what to say, we kinda alread said everything over skype but man was it great. I loved it like crazy being able to see all of you, that was the greatest end to my Sunday! But there are like 2 more things that happened that I didn't mention last night. I think that will have to make up the meat of my email though because not a lot else happened.

This week we had a sweet little bbg activity for the branch. We invited everyone and told them to bring friends and some of them did and some didn't but man did we have a good time. Not a lot of new people came so we didn't find that many investigators from it but we had good members and less actives come and enjoy the time. I had to go a little early to set up the old grill that we had and that was fun. It was a little suprise too when the charcol that they had was just burned wood, well wood charcol ha wasn't really expecting that. But it was great!! We got all the meat cooked and there was plenty food for everyone there. We even had one english student come who knows how to play the accordian and he played some good folk music for us and some of the croatians were singing with them all. At the very end, me and the other missionaries and the younger people went outside to the park that is right across the street and we played badminton! That was so fun even if it was a little hot and I was in a shirt and tie haha. It was a really good activity though.

Also, one of my friends from Osijek will be leaving today to Ireland... Crazy. After all the work we have been doing with him, helping him and teaching him english, he will be gone. That was sad but he will do good and find a job there and hopefully start a real life and what not. But this last week he wanted to at least do something for us before we left to say thanks. He has been an assistant chef for a while so he decided to make my favorite balkan meal which was the stuffed pepper. We had a rough start though, ha he was using his really sharp knives that he isn't used to and cut himself, but he fixed it all up put a glove on and we got back to work and the food was amazing for dinner.

Oh also a funny little side note haha. We were in the center of the city and there was this little book tent up, with just lots of cheap books that we were checking out. And my companion loves books way too much and bought one and then I was like hey do you like read to the guy selling the books and he was like of course. Then I gave hime a Bom and he started reading it! The funny thing was that the next day it was on the shelf for sale haha. Hopefully the right persone buys it! :)

That was really about it for the whole week. Everyone have a good week, do good with school if youre going there, work hard and enjoy life! Love you all
Elder Lowis


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