January 26, 2015


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 69 - Transfers Happen

Hey family!! And Friends :)
This week was crazy, and lots of changes happened to the mission, some for good and others maybe not so good ha just kidding its always good. And just so you know if I don't get back to some of your emails is just because Im packing and leaving today so ya.. Sorry in advance!

Anyways at the beginning of the week, i was put with my first trainee that was still in podgorica just on the other side of the city. We had that emergency transfer thing with one of the elders and his visa stuff so I had to go take his spot. It was really nice to be back with one of my comps that I already knew and to have that apartment. It has GREAT showers haha so that was definitely a plus. We had good times getting out and contacting together and it was even more fun because he has definitely improves at the language in the last transfer.

We contacted one kid and he was pretty cool, his name was jovan and he had like 18 years and we talked for a while. He is a Jehovahs Witness and even though usually they dont like us that much, we are both the I guess you could say outcast religions so he wanted to talk more. We got his number and sunday right after chruch were able to meet with him and one of his friends. He was cool, he friend just wanted to convert us so the lesson went well but not the best it could go. There was just one point were it could have been bible bashing but that isn't fun and sometimes ruins the lesson. So we stopped and just invited them more to try what we have and testified to them. It was cool though, they questioned everything pretty much but when it came to testimony and inviting/promising they just didn't say anything. They were really nice though, my companion will probably meet up with them again later but as for me...

Ya I guess I could tell you now.. so after the little emergency transfer for the last week I got a call from president and Im leaving the country.. :( I had to cancel my visa and say goodbye to the country! It was really hard, I think the only goodbye that wasn't hard was saying goodbye to the police station and not ever having to go there for legal/ visa work again! So that was cool but saying goodbye to the friends, that was really hard. We had an activity friday night and then I told them that I would leave this monday. They were really sad and we all decided to hang out with them one last time before I left so we did that on Saturday night. We just all hung out at the chruch and played funny games. Dont know if any of you remember the sign game from long ago but we played that for seriously about an hour and they loved it so much!! They also gave me one of my favorite presents in the world!! It was the best but the worst talking and saying goodbye to them. I will miss them dearly.. :( But life goes on!

So this sunday at church was great! We had some random guy show up to church with a suit coat on and some jeans. He said that he heard for our church from the internet and he wanted to see how it was. He came! I talked with him and he said that he thinks this is the right church and then he proceeds to tell me that he has a great job! Later on we found out that he has five kids, four of them being under the age of 8. He was just getting cooler and cooler by the minute. Since I was going to be leaving I told the other elder to go teach him and awesome lesson and they did. He is coming back, to english classes and to church and is going to progress soon! Oh ya I totally forgot to tell all of you where Im even going hahah silly me.. So ya im going to Croatia!! And im going to be in a city to called Zadar with two elders. Yup there will be a threesome and the other two elders are just done with one transfer too so its should be fun. But ya Zadar is a coastal city and i heard that they have some decent members there :)

Oh ya last experience, I got to have something spiritual to share :) At church right at the beginning some guy comes to fix some of the lights in the church.. oh repairman ha. So I ran down and thought to myself, "of course something like this would happen on my last sunday" but i helped him for like five minutes and heard the sacrament and was not going to miss this. I told the guy hey look we are having church, please be really quiet for the next five minutes. Then I ran upstairs and opened the door closed it and sacrament was starting. Despite all the hassle and rush before with this repairman right as I closed the door and stood by it I felt great, complete opposite of 20 seconds before. it really made me happy for the sacrament that I can do that every week and feel great every week. I also realized that for the entire time of my mission I have never missed church!! Like i never really thought of it but I am so blessed to have been able to do that, Im so lucky!!

Well I got a plane to catch tonight.. so I got to get some stuff done before that. Next email will befrom the lovely city of Zadar :) Enjoy your weeks, love you all and talk to you all next week, Be good!!
Elder Lowis


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