January 12, 2015


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 67

Zdravo Svimaaa

This was a sweet week for me. Definitely fun and successful I would say haha and those are the weeks that I really love. Having a good week just makes up for all the ok or bad weeks and this was the good one :) So Ill save the best for last and I dont have so much time so this probably won't be to long.

So Ill start with Zone Conference! We had one this Friday and it was really good, definitely one of my favorites. Last month was a pretty bad or just ok week for number and we got a little encouragement and pumping up from President Grant to keep it up and do better. The whole time to we talked about being happy, we even sang the primary frowning face song. The one that is like change your frowning face for a smile haha ya. It was really good and its true, we need to be happy, we are in fact commanded to be happy!! So just be happy no matter what. I got a quote from a friend that I totally thought about while zone conference was going on and its good so Im going to share it with all yall. And I probably wont get it right but it was something to the effect of happiness is not a destination, but a way of travel! Its great huh? Too many people think that they will be happy when this time comes around or when this happens but thats not always true. We can't let those outside factors determine our happiness. Happiness comes from the inside. Also at the end of zone conference we got to watch Meet the Mormons!!!! How cool is that, and the movie is great. It was just overall a great movie.

Also we had an exchange and one of the zone leaders came to montenegro! And its one of the elders that was with me in the mtc so that was way cool. I got to hang out with him for a little bit. We made enchiladas for lunch one day.. oh man let me tell you it was great! That night we also had english class with the gang. Our three favorite people in the city came and we had a gun english class together. We pretty much played uno and just talked with them and man when I leave im going to miss them so much. It was also cool because we were kidding around with them a little about coming the church and one of the them, was like ya ill come sometime before you leave! So ya it was pretty much a good english class.

Alright last thing, and the best thing. So one of our investigators was supposed to meet up with us saturday night and an hour before he canceled and said that he couldn't come.. :( So then I was like ahh what are we going to do with him and I texted him back and invited him to church thinking it was the least that I could do. Within the next ten minutes he texted back and was like ya Im coming for sure you can count me in. That was kinda surprising but he came!! He totally loved church, it was so crazy but he was participating and loving it like crazy. I didn't even get to talk to him till it was all over because I was up at the front translating and helping with the sacrament, but I did get to talk with him at the end. And we were talking and he was like ya pretty much unless something comes up I will try to come every week! It was so cool to hear that and then he asked us to meet up again with him this week so hopefully that time we will be able to teach him a sweet lesson and then get him on the path towards baptism. But I was just really thankful, you know sometimes after being out for a while it seems to get into a routine of just finding and people being like.. no thanks. But after a while, when we keep it up something will happen. President Rowe used to always say, just do the right things long enough and you can't go wrong. So its awesome to see someone take interest, hopefully he keeps it up!

But I think that pretty much sums up my week, sorry this is shorter but i think its good enough. Haha love you all and hope that its well back home and the weather is almost perfect now. Have a good week, be happy, and share the gospel when you can!

Love Elder Lowis


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