October 20, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 55 One Year Mark & Loving the Work

Hey everyone!!
Well I will be honest with all of you, I made a mistake today. I emailed all the other little personal emails before I wrote this big email, so now Im about all emailed out.. But there were some cool things that happened this week that I got to share with yall so I can't not write anything.

So as you all know this week was the week that marked a year for me being away from home! It really weird to think that, at times I can tell that it has been a good amount of time but most of the time it just feels like I just left home, or just left the mtc so Im loving it! We actually did do anything to special for that day, but at night we were going home and decided to stop and buy a tie and so I bought a tie because I really haven't bought like any out here. But that will have to change soon :)

Alright on to the good stuff. So we have been having success with the english program here that I have said before and this week was a good proof about this. One of the students that has only been in our class for maybe a month now has become way good friends with us and has even been willing to talk about the church with us. She read a little from the bom and is doing well, but this week she had a big english test and asked if we could help her study the day before. We didn't really have anything planned at that time so we were like ya sure we can help. We jsut sitting at a park and teaching her at the table and we were like, ok its about time to go do you need anything else? And she was like well I have like 20 minutes till school, could you teach me more about this? And she pulled the bom out of her backpack. Ah it was so cool to see her have interest in it and want to learn even though she is only 17. She is way cool though and hopefully continues to be while im here!

The next cool thing with english was that we were walking down my one of the bridges across the river and saw another one of the english students! She was like blondy, thats just what everyone calls me because like no one has blonde hair here, and then we talked for like ten minutes and we invited her to come to church the next day and she came!! She came and stayed for sunday school too and had a good time and now we just have to start teaching her more! But all these little things with english have been going really well, we might not have a big class but we have a quality class.

And the last story for the week. So one sunday we had an investigator come to chruch, the other elders investigator, and I was sitting by him in sunday school. One of the other elders was teaching about agency and assigned us to read some scriptures to learn more about this. So I was working with him on these scriptures and the last one we read together was mosija 2:41 the one that says like the blessed and happy state we will have if we keep the commandment, and right as he finished he looked me right in the eyes and was like, "Im really happy now!" and he said that like multiple times and was just so filled with happiness and he testified at the end of the class that after he read that scripture that he knew he would be happy if he did this, and that it was the spirit that made him happy. Now at the beginning of church I could tell he really didn't want to be here, it was like he was there because of the elders or just because they told him he had to come but by the end of church he was so happy, the happiest I had ever seen! And that how it can be with all of us, he recieved joy from reading the scriptures, and by feeling the spirit. Why wouldn't that work with each and everyone of us as well?? Its so simple and made me really happy that everymorning I can read the word of god, I can be really happy so that when I go outside and the world sometimes seems to just beat you down, you can still be happy, and look forward to the next morning to read the scriptures and refill the happiness. It no secret, never will be but I know when we read the scriptures we will feel happy. So do it, or don't if you don't want to be happy, but everyone can use that joy so I would just stick with doing it. Well love you all, have wonderful weeks and talk to you later!!
Elder Lowis


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