September 15, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 50

Hey everyone!! Well I dont even have a lot of time today so sorry if I dont get back to any of your personal email.. :( I'll try next week!!

This week again was pretty boring, maybe I shouldn't be saying that stuff but thats kinda how it was. And It rained a lot at the end of the week, like just all day for a couple days and that was fun.

But there was one good thing that I did like about this week. But first some background. This elder in my district, who is from serbia and is leaving home this week wanted to work with my for like a day. Now he is not the go go go kind of missionary, doesnt really like to trakt at all or contact. He says stuff like that just doesnt even really work here, and for the most part he is right, everyone else just do those things when they dont have a lot to do. And he probably hasnt trakted for way too long. But this week we were at the church, and he told me, we need to go on a little exchange the rest of the night ok? And I was like sure so we swapped and started walking over to their area. We were talking and what not and I asked why he wanted to do this and he said, last night the spirit told me I need to go trakt tonight... and you trakt probably the most out of this district so we need to do this... I was so surprised because he never does that. Oh ya and by the way Im not bagging one this elder at all, he is great and has had tons of success on his mission. So he pulled out this map of this area not too big and he said this is where we need to go. And there were 4 quadrants and we though about it, and listened and came up with the exact area. Then we walked the lines of the apartments, waiting to feel impressed of what ones to do. Now this was weird for me because i just never really done it like this, it was just go into the building and do every door and then the next one and so forth. But this time we felt good about two buildings, and we did them. it was like 4 in the afternoon too, and the elder i was with said, Elder lowis this is really hard and i feel really stupid but we got to do this.. Ha so we did and we kinda were expecting something, and nothing realy happened. Ya we had some good doors but nothing... until the following day. That elder had run into a kid he met at the beginning of the transfer and he had been dying, literally dying to see him before he left home. He woudl talk about this kid every day, and then he saw him because he listened and did something he hated to do when the spirit told him. And now he has contact information and all that so he wont loose him haha.. It was really crazy and i thought about all this, how it all worked and realized how sensitive and responsive we have to be to the spirit. We have to listen and act, and then we will see the blessing. Sorry if that story was kinda boring but it was really a miracle for this elder, and a good learning time for me!! I love those, Also we saw some sweet old man skating and got to skate with him for a little bit, but that all, gotta go! Love you all
Elder Lowis


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