August 25, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 47 - Catching up & Things are Slow

Hey Im back!!

Haha so these weeks have just been pretty crazy slash fun and all and I just havent had much time to email.. So sorry to those who havent gotten emails for a while, Im trying to catch up on all of them!

So honestly this week wasnt too exciting. It has been really slow here in Podgorica, Its already a pretty small place and everyone is on vacation at the beach or wherever so its kinda hard to do good work right now. It was pretty funny because on sunday when we were walking to church, it takes a little over than 5 minutes, not too long, but we only saw two people on the street I think.. So ya not a lot has been going one with finding new investigators this week so that was a bummer. Its a little rough and I dont really like when the work goes like this but this is the Lords work and we cant decide how it goes, or how fast it goes. He hastens the work, this is His work and we can only be what he needs us to be.

But a little funny story of the week.. Ha So there are 4 missionaries in Podgorica, the most there has been ever since I got here, and most people have no idea who we are. So I think Saturday night, ya all four of us were walking toward center. Now yes there arent a lot of people here in the city right now, but this night there were a lot of people, and a lot of kids selling books for school coming up. But we started walking down center and alllll eyes were on us, and as we walked, EVERYONE moved out of the way. Im not even kidding it was like parting the red see or something and we just kinda laughed.

But that was about all, for this week.. Last thought though, one investigator that has been investigation for over a year, like when missionaries got put in here came to church on sunday. Ya thats nothing special but then we were talking with him right after sacrament and he was like oh i got to go now, I cant come to sunday school. And i was like come on why?? and then he said, last night he worked the night shift, got off at seven in the morning and came to chruch at 10. Ohh that was great, such great faith and such a sacrifice for him, not even a member. He will be soon but that was just soo nice to see.

Um I think that is all for the week, Hope you all have a wonderful week and Ill try and get to your emails now :))
Love youall
Elder Lowis


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