August 11, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 45 New Location

Hello there everyone!!

Well this week was another quick and interesting week! Actually i was able to be in bosnia for most of the week and that was really crazy.

So anyways first off we got to go to a place in bosnia called mostar and it is a older city with a pretty nice bridge place that we were able to see before we got to sarajevo for the zone conference the next day. Ill probably send a couple pics of that if i have some time but it was really soo nice and looked amazing, but of course it was so hot too like it felt pretty close to home.. brought back some great arizona summer memories.

The next day we had the zone coference and it was sweet because now that i am out of serbia and in podgorica im in the bosnia zone and i was able to see some of the other elders that are there from the begging of my mission and that was cool. This zone conference was kinda a little boring, we like talked about finances, health, and rules for a good portion of it ha.. But at the end president talked about companionships and how important they are for us. To learn how to work and to disagree with eachother and make it work out so that we can be more effective. It was pretty funny too because he said the mission is pretty much like a marriage 101 class and that it will definitely help in the future. So hopefully im learning something ha.

But then onto the exchange.. I was in sarajevo for like two days and that was pretty fun. We were able to teach a couple of investgators with the help of a recently baptised member.. And let me tell you the power that comes from those converts is amazing! This guy had been baptised for four months and is just a fireball and helping everyone to get baptised. We were actually teaching one girl who has pretty much excepted everything. We were talking to her about baptism and she pretty much came out and told us she wants and will be baptised, she just really wants support from her family. She is only like 17 too and so great so hopefully with time her family will allow this. It was great to see how it was like there too. In bosnia there are tons of muslims and teaching them was way different from what i am used to. We had to like start from scratch and talk about Christ and Heavenly Father and teach in sucha way that wont push them away. But I really have come to learn that they are incredibly nice people and they are being prepared to hear the gospel.

So I then had a fun drive back to podgorica and got back to work. Nothing really special happened but chruch was pretty fun. I got to give a talk about obedience and that was a good suprise haha. It was great for me though and I remember a quote from one of the area 70 who came to us and he said something great about obedience. And that was like almost obedient, almost blessed. Ohh that is soo true, we can almost do that which is right, or do that what is right almost all the way, but we wont be fully blessed because of it! So exact obedience is the only thing we can do!!

Well this mission is still teaching me lots and im having heaps of fun working out here. Hope all is well with all of you, and ill talk to you next week!! Oh ya im probably going to budva, like the beach hear in podgorica for all yall..

Oh ya and for all of you that are just dying to write me heres my address again :)

Crkva Isusa Krista Svetaca Posljednjih Dana
Svacicev Trg 3/1
10000 Zagreb

Love Elder Lowis

The 2nd picture is from a place called mostar with the one and only Radakovic and the 3rd one is on the way to Bosnia with my comp, the1st one is james bond bridge where apparently he jumped off that bridge in one of the movies!!


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