October 4, 2016

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Brandon Muhlestein

Cleanse the world of Peaches!!

Sorry, a few pictures didn't come across. XD


This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life, but I wouldn' want to be anywhere else! I have been having the greatest time of my life, and am making unforgettable memories. I will tell you one thing though, England time is completely throwing me off. I pretty much am sleeping through your days and am awake through your nights. Jetlag was absolutely crazy. The positive part is that it's so green! I tookthis picture from my bedroom window in the early morning. I have never seen such a beautiful sight!

I traveled with a small group of 8 guys over here, and once we got here, it was all we could do not freak out. Everyone knows that they drive on the other side of the road, but it's one thing to say it, and another to witness it firsthand. As we were driving to the MTC, it felt so weird to look out the window and see cars going the other way. I will say though, there are some really fancy cars. Without even leaving the airport we already saw an Aston Martin sitting in the lot. And everyone here drives cars like that!

My district is great and my zone as well, and I have pictures below. They are an absolutely fantastic group of guys and I can't help but love them. We have an Irish, a Scottish and a Welsh, and there accents are literally the coolest things ever! I even feel like I'm starting to pick up an English accent, just the way I'm starting to say things is sounding like them. We have the best conversations and get into the greatest banters. I have a couple pictures attached of them drawing the world, and it was from the perspective of all the different nationalities. That was a day to remember. Oh and singing in dischordal German is of course wonderful.

The temple grounds are magnificent. The temple and MTC are nestled up on this little hill and don't have any roads around them but the road to get there. It is quiet and all you hear are the birds singing and the wind rustling the leaves of the trees. There are so many flowers and other shrubbery here that it really makes Arizona seem like the desert it is. I'm honestly not sure if I am ever coming back. ;)

I guess you're all curious about the peaches, so I guess I'll explain that. One of our teachers was recounting a story in a devotional and said that while he was teaching an investigator (he was in a German mission, but I can't remember which one) he was trying to say that through repentance We cleanse the world of sin, but instead mistranslated and said that we need to cleanse the world of peaches. And every time after that he said peaches in place of sin until the investigators stopped him and said, "wait, but I like peaches." At that they had a good laugh and he corrected himself. We were all dying as he shared the story and it took a few minutes before the MTC president could regain our attention.

Other than that it has been a relatively average week, aside from the wacked out time schedule, which I am still getting used to. The food here is amazing and the chefs are marvelous. The classes are small enough that we can have close intimate conversation. My German has been dormant for so long, it it starting to come back to me and I am picking up the language pretty quickly. We have already started to teach German discussions with "investigators" which haven't gone super smoothly yet, but I'm sure they will get better with time.

I know that this is where I am supposed to be an that I am doing the work the Lord has in place for me. I cannot wait to touch the hearts of the people that I will teach and I hope pray that the spirit will guide me through my journey. I am so grateful to all of you and all the support that you have given me throughout this entire experience. I cannot wait for the next week and all the new stories that will come.

With love
Elder Muhlestein


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