June 19, 2017


Monroe, MI


Adam Fell that Men Might Be!

From: Brandon Jones <>

Date: Monday, June 19, 2017 at 8:27 AM

Subject: Adam Fell that Men Might Be!

For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghost, as well as in these times as in times of old, and as well as in times of old as in times to come; wherefore, the
course of the Lord is one eternal round.

1 Nephi 10:19

Dear family,

This week was pretty good. I still don't have a lot to report on, but it was good. Tina came to church again! So that is great. Her daughters didn't though, I think they were sick or something. That's OK though, they should be coming next week.

We were able to meet with Tina once this week. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. Her mother was also there and she listened in a little bit. She (Tina's mother) didn't necessarily agree with all of it, but Tina did! She literally just absorbs
the gospel, it's awesome!

Tina loved the scripture in 2 Nephi 2:25, "Adam fell that men might be". After explaining the scripture, it all made so much sense to her! She was even convincing her mom that what they had been taught all of their lives was wrong, and that our doctrine
made more sense. Her mom wasn't having it at first. It was a funny argument to watch, cause Tina was just like, "No, Adam fell that men might be!" It was just funny.

When we left, Tina's mother asked for an extra Plan of Salvation Pamphlet. She said that she had been studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses for a few years but she recognizes that what they teach isn't the truth. She said she is looking for the truth,
so I told her she'd find it right in that pamphlet! She liked that. So, I don't know what will happen with Tina's mother, but it was cool to teach her.

I don't know what will happen with Tina, either. Since we haven't been able to meet with her as often as we would've liked, she probably won't be baptized before we come home. It's still possible, but not very likely. We'll see! Whatever happens though,
it's all good. We are happy to teach her and help her, regardless of whether or not she is baptized while we are here. As long as we bring her closer to Christ, we are doing our job. :) And, I do believe that she will be baptized soon.

We also saw President Cleveland this week. We were supposed to have interviews with him, but he didn't end up talking to us cause our exit interviews are this week. So that will be interesting. I'll let you know all about that next week.

So, I imagine many of you think that I am trunky...and, to some extent, you are correct. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to see my family and friends. But, I am still working to the best of my ability out here. I hope each one of you know that
I know that this is God's work. I have been so happy out here as I've taken the time to serve my fellow men. Being a missionary is the best calling out there! And, we're all in luck, cause we can all be missionaries! I hope that each one of you is looking
for missionary opportunities every day! If you look for them, they will come!

I hope you have a good week! I love and miss all of you!


Elder Jones
1701 Mall Rd #9
Monroe MI 48162


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