May 8, 2017


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Wirthlin

Erryting Crisp

Mi chopper, wa gwan? Mi mind have had nuff tings runnin tru it these paat couple days. I feel so happy with my new companion. His name is Elder Wirthlin. Yes, he is a close relative of Joseph B. Wirthlin. He is from Sandy, Utah. He graduated in 2015 and went to Utah Valley for 2 semesters. I actually have no clue about Skype yet but don't fret. It’ll all work out.

Crazy story, we were walking to a lesson this morning and got a call from the zone leaders. 5 minutes later we were in their car gwan up a Kingston. Elder Wirthlin’s work permit had errors on it. We went to multiple government offices but nothing happened. So we have to go back on Wednesday.

My patwa has had to improve because Wirthlin can’t understand anyone. I’ve had to learn to speak patwa in a reverent manner. This guy was saying really pure foolishness and I went off on him in patwa. Thank goodness Elder Wirthlin is so much more mature than me cuz he just bore his testimony and gave him a book of Mormon.

I envy Raquel and Rebekah soooo much. They get to do sports, eat unlimited food, and see their friends all the time.

Elder Wirthlin is a big boss and served two transfers in Oklahoma on visa wait. We is really sleepy so I’ll have to work on that but other than that erry ting crisp.


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