November 21, 2016


Mandeville, Jamaica


Elder Christensen

Emergency Transfer

Wa gwan Mum. Big up to da fam. I love up a whole bunch. This sudden change is real hard, but it’ll be good soon enough. Elder Palmer and I were kicking butt, then I got emergency transferred on Saturday. I am now serving in the Hopeton Branch in Mandeville. My new companion is Elder Christensen from Gilbert, Arizona. He has been out a lickle over a year. This place is one mass of hills. A skater’s paradise and a walker’s nightmare. The pump they have here for some odd reason doesn’t work on my bike tire so we walk a lot. It’s really cool here like fall back in Spokane. It’s weird not having a thick film of dried sweat on your face. I’m now living in an apartment with two other elders, Elder Kolomalu and Elder Stolp. Stolp is from South Africa.

I’ve been day dreaming about shredding the gnar all of the time. Our apartment complex thing is at the top of a steep, steep long drive way, and since I am training for Tokyo 2020 I dragged my companion out of bed early and we ran hills. I’m like Jerry Rice. I did push-ups and ab stuff in between sprints. I only made it 3 times before my body actually died. I was on the verge of giving up the ghost. It was horrendous. It took about 30 minutes to be able to function afterwards. I was so tired I couldn’t muster up enough energy to do anything.

My goal is to have a nasty six pack and jump higher by the end of this transfer. One thing I don’t like about this place is they don’t have a giant food market like May Pen. You could buy any fruit or vegetable you want. This place just has a big American-like grocery store. I much prefer the outside market where I could bargain with people. My church building is in a place called Hatfield. We have a lot of finding to do in this place because we aren’t teaching too many people yet.

I miss you guys and am constantly reminded of you guys by the most obscure things. Tell the girls hi and that I will write them a hand written letter in due time. Just tell them to email me or something.

I CANT WAIT TO FOR THAT DOPE PACKAGE. I am so hyped. Don’t bother on coming down here to pick me up from Jamaica. Save your cash for Tokyo baby!!! I tried ackee and salt fish last week and actually had it again afterwards. Man it’s so good. If you can tell Marco I said hey and that I didn’t forget him. Try to get his email for me please, and same with Caid. I miss those two whippersnappers.


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