September 18, 2018




Elder Fua

Last P-Day!

Hi mom. How are you doing? This was the best week of my entire mission. It was way up deh. I got to do everything I wanted and see old friends and everything this week.

Yesterday you received a sure witness that I am your son. We ran over to the hospital last night with the office elders. They have a truck so they got us there quick. We went and gave a member who was from May Pen a blessing. It turns out elder palmer baptized one of her daughters when I was there. That was neat. But she has a big metal brace thing she’s getting removed tomorrow. She got shot last year. But as she was telling how it happened and giving gruesome details of what it looked like, well Elder Brown (the driver) apparently couldn’t handle the story and passed out face first to the floor and hit his face on the bottom of an old ladies bed. He was just moaning. Elder Fua goes and tries to pick him up but he’s it out cold. After about ten seconds or so came back to himself. All the nurses rushed over to try and help him. From the time when Elder Fua tried to pick him up I could not stop laughing. I had to go hide in the corner. The girl who we went to bless said I was a bad companion. But I couldn’t hear her very well from the tears coming out of my eyes. I literally had to use my inhaler once I stopped laughing. It was an Abuelo laugh, silent.

I’m excited to return home. It will be fun. I look forward to sleeping, eating, throwing, grunge, and wear shorts every day. I especially look forward to mom’s pasta


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