May 23, 2018




Elder Jensen

Hospital Blessings

This week was cwaazy! It was transfers week. At one point we had 12 missionaries staying in our house. 9 of them actually slept there. For part of Wednesday I was companions with Elders Peterson and Sabin. Then I got Elder Wilding from Idaho. We were together for 3 days. Then finally Elder Jensen got here on Friday. He is great. He is from Layton, Utah. He graduated the same time as me. He played football and basketball. He loved the Bahamas. He said it was like a vacation. They got fed and taken out to eat all the time by members. He had 8 baptisms while there. He served on Freeport and Nassau. He loves to read the scriptures and eat healthy.

Today we went to downtown Kingston and played some good basketball. Then we went to the market. It was blast and I bought lots of food.

We went to the hospital the other day to give a sick baby a blessing. It’s so heart breaking to watch those sad helpless babies go through so much. But truly my favorite thing about being a missionary is getting to give priesthood blessings. And going to hospital where there are lots of people to cheer up. We met this lady, Monae, her first words to us when we walked by were "how can you be an elder and so young" that started about a 40 minute long conversation about her daughter who has been sick with leukemia since about birth. Now she is 3. She said she tries not to cry about her daughter because then she will have an asthma attack and she can’t afford to join her kid in the hospital. She said that seriously and then laughed after. She is a tough lady. She and everyone in there helped me to understand parts in the scriptures when they talk about crying unto the Lord or pleading. I just wanted to cry literally because of the sadness. I really wanted to call down the power of heavens and heal everyone.

Then we went out with a newlywed couple after church. Both are returned missionaries and full of good vibes. That was one heck of an experience. We went over to this lady who said she was no longer coming to church and eventually she broke down and the couple hugged her while she cried for about 20-30 minutes. That was something we were not qualified or trained on how to deal with. Thank goodness for the help of the members.


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