May 1, 2018




Elder Packer

Cool Cardboard Window

I’m doing great. Things are smooth right now, which as I’m typing this kind of scares me because then that means that opposition is hiding around the corner. Just kidding. We got to go out with the Bishop this week and see some people. One was a less active lady. She hasn’t been to church for a really long time, but she was so happy to have us over there. She has a very strong testimony of Mormon Tabernacle choir. She was adamant that they are the best choir ever.

Yesterday was good I ate rice and peas and chicken 3 times. Blessing from on high. We had an amazing family home evening on Saturday night. It was with a sister who reached out to us because she was a afraid she was going less active. We had a discussion on testimonies and then had a testimony meeting. WOW. That was rad. I felt rebuilt after I got to share my testimony. It was grand. Then we ate ice cream. Then we came out and found our car window had been smashed in. That wasn’t cool. But I learned a lesson from it. This lady’s house is like a 30 second drive from our yard. At 855 I felt prompted to leave. I did not act on that, because technically were still in a lesson with her we could stay out til 930. But to our dismay my neglect to follow the Spirit put the car in harm’s way. Now we have a cool cardboard window like a hobo. Next time we will be home on time.


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