March 14, 2018




Elder Packer

Guy in the RM Movie

My week was solid. I watched that horrible video of what Raquel did to my room and realized I’m already like the poor guy in the RM movie. Am I going to sleep in the dog kennel? But I would love to see the downstairs. That would be cool. Maybe I’ll just build a board house in our front yard and sell bag juice to make it through college.

We have been getting fed a lot this week. The members and us are becoming tight. I have only spent 500 or less a day on food or anything. One the saddest moment was on Saturday. We went by a less active member’s house. She had joined the church back in 1971 when it first really got to Jamaica. She has also never read through the entire Book of Mormon. And it’s not like she can’t read, she can read very well. She said her hearts there. She also said when she is running late she usually just goes to the Baptist church down the street. Or something just comes up. I was struck dumb. Lasting conversion come through Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is our key witness that he is the Savior of the world.

Wow that sounds so awesome. Mom is a rock star. I’m glad she is doing well. I’m so glad she is killing it still. That’s even cooler about RQ. Make sure she stays humble. Don’t let her talent go to her head. She will do better if she accepts correction and stuff. But on the other hand make sure she vocally and physically intimidates, dominates and obliterates all opposition, whether at her school or another. Man am I every jealous of her. She is going to have so much fun.

This week on Saturday we worked out with one of our neighbors, Odane. we did some running and man is that guy quick. I couldn’t beat him. I had convinced myself that I actually did become Asafa Powell, but he made me have to go back to the drawing board and tune up. Saturday was probably one of the best days. Actually this whole week was really good. we have been busy teaching and we are finally finding some new investigators. On Saturday we got to do service with the relief society and give a blessing and go to a baptism and give another blessing and teach two less active families. We also got fed by Sister Lynn. It was exhausting and satisfying.


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