March 6, 2019




Elder Huamani

Doing GREAT!!!

Hello everyone!  We are sorry that Elder Beal had so little time to write today.  He asked us to summarize our conversation for all of you.  I know it's not as fun.

He sounds great and looks great...well, except for his haircut...hahaha!!! He asked them to let the top grow...maybe he still needs to work on his Spanish because they buzzed it right off.  Yikes.  
His comp has only been in the mission 3 months so that was news.  His debit card was used without him knowing and they tried to take $200 so that’s not fun. We were on the phone with the bank most of his call trying to help each side hear each other. We had to figure out if it was him trying to make the purchases or not. The bank lady was so patient and had to spell every store and city name. It took awhile. He has to be issued a new card and that will take a few weeks and a pretty penny to get to him.  Urrrgggg….but I’m glad he sounded so good.  

He’s still sick but ok.  And he said he's visited with the mission nurse a few times;)  He said he had THE BEST carne asade he has EVER had in his life!!!  Happiness.  And then he said it made him sick with "boo" for a week but SO worth it. Gross.

He likes the people, his companion and the Zone Leaders and he writes to his mission president every week so all is well. He uploads his pics while we talk so that’s fun. The pic of the huts are from the ocean but it doesn’t look real oceany to me. He really wanted Brynn to see the bathroom pic.  He had to spend money to use it and it almost did him in…gross. The falls are from his preparation day today. We asked him to please use his common sense and NOT get on the railings!!!  

I thought this was funny...he wrote out a list, in his planner, of food he is missing from the states: Big League Chew, Sunflower seeds - original, Werther's original candy, cookie dough Blizzard, hash brown bake, peach rings and Red Robin fries!!  We have to ship his debit card to him and have a 2lb minimum so we'll have to fill it up with some of this deliciousness.  

He used Google Hangouts from a member’s home so we were able to hear AND SEE his face this week and he could hear and see us. That was a first!  So grateful!!!



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