February 13, 2019




Elder Huamani


These past two days have been really hard and stressful. Today was the first day I cried because of it. It's been awful. I think Elder Flameling really messed me up because he was always stressed. I have been sick for 2 weeks and I always have to go to the bathroom. When I first got to my area, my trainer who is from Brazil, decided to go to 3 families the first night. He doesn't speak a lick of English and that has been really hard. We left the last house at 9:30pm when we were supposed to be home by then. We started walking and finally found a tuk tuk 15 minutes later. Our apartment is decent in size. You can´t stand in the same place for more than a couple of seconds or a bug starts crawling up your leg. I cannot count on 2 hands how many cockroaches there are in our bathroom dead or alive. The shower is shorter than me. There isn't a hook to hang a bug net so I have to sleep with a sheet as my blanket. It's too hot to get in the covers and I don't have a pillow. Dogs bark all night long and the flippin roosters start crowing at 3 in the morning. I don't understand 2% of what is said to me. It's so loud here it's hard to feel the spirit oftentimes. I would not be here if the church wasn't true. I haven't had anything to eat for 2 days because I feel so gross but I had a coke. About 10 minutes away there is a place that has like 8 American restaurants. There's a wendy's, burger king, pizza hut, subway, little caesars, mcdonalds, and a taco bell. Today was P day so we went to go play soccer with a lot of other missionaries who were mostly American so it was really nice to hear some English. Also it is very polluted here. 

The best part of today was this morning when we were on a run. I heard the song Gucci Gang playing and it was so nice to hear English haha. The spirit was kind of shook but the stress went away haha. 

Oh I forgot, right now I'm in Cuyo (Cuyotenango - they shorten all the names here). Its about 80 degrees here but the humidity kills. One of the members last night said that when I walked in she thought it was raining because I was sweating so bad. 

I got to see Elder Pratt!!!! Yesterday we met at the church right in Reu (Retalhuleu) and that was super nice to see him. I will see him again tomorrow because Elder D Todd Christofferson is here and wants to talk to all the missionaries in Reu. 

First Picture is of the guys in our district at first
Second is our district with our teacher 


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