January 30, 2019


Guatemala MTC


Elders Howard & Eliason

intense week

This week has been pretty intense. Long story short my companion went home, I was called to be the district leader, the new elders that came in last week are more mature than the elders in my district that have been here for three weeks already, and I got my hair shaved so its a half inch all around. A week and a half ago we went to the zoo and 18 out of the 21 snakes in the reptile exhibit were poisonous and from Guatemala, RIP. I went to go get my citizenship for Guatemala this morning and when I got there I saw a missionary there that I knew from home! His name is Garret Stoneman and he was a counselor at BYS with me and we got to know each other from that so that was super cool to see him! If someone talks to me in Spanish full speed I can pick up maybe 2 words a sentence and have a 20% chance of responding with something that relates to what they asked me so that's good. But I can talk in Spanish way better and understand better if we are talking about the gospel. But if there is only one thing I need to know how to talk about here on this mission it is the gospel so that's good. Also some of the missionaries are baptizing in rivers and beautiful pools of water so that would be cool. That's about all that's happened. I'll write again if anything interesting happens in the next 2-3 weeks. 


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