January 17, 2019


Guatemala MTC


Elder Flameling

Guatemala MTC

So to summarize what the missionaries here are like...the day before we got here they thought it would be a good idea to write the Title of Liberty on someone's shirt and tie it to the end of a mop. They began marching and blowing air through their missionary name tag to make it sound like a kazoo. The president came out and opened the door to the hall where they were marching and said, "Este es la escuala de Profetas, no es une dormitorio de Univeristy". They didn't understand and so one of the elders just said, "Look! It´s the Title of Liberty!" Then the president repeated himself in English, "This is the School of the Prophets, not a college dormitory." After that experience they apparently changed a lot but I can't really tell rip lol

Embarrassing story
During grammar practice we were learning how to use the word 'gustar' which means "to like or it pleases me."  I was asked to finish a sentence. I began by saying, "Yo gusta hacer pollo," which I thought meant "I like to eat chicken" but it meant something entirely different. Everyone looked at me in my district like I was crazy and I was so confused. But I'm doing actually descent in Spanish. I taught a 15 minute lesson two days ago because my companion forgot everything and barely could make out 2 sentences. 

It's actually a lot different here than I expected. The people here are fun but not all of them are here to work. Last Sunday two people brought up how hard I work and it made me really happy to see that I was being an example. Last P day I spent the entire day studying Spanish and reading the Book of Mormon. The MTC President has made a goal that we have to read the book 2 times while we are here and memorize 70 words in Spanish a day, memorize 9 phrases and still do everything on the schedule and focus on the lessons in class. There is no time to do personal study and there is no free time ever here. 

Our district only had 8 people when we first got here. One of them, who was SO GOOD and super fun and nice, had to be sent home. It was so hard to say goodbye. The day before he left he bore his testimony and it was SO strong. He's going to come back out here though soon. I'm super proud of him. My companion has been telling me that he doesn't belong here. He told me that the Spirit is telling him to go home. He talked to the president today and he's leaving next week. He was going to leave this week but the president wants to hold him as long as he can. My companion learned that he can buy a super cool suit that I actually want to buy. It has the Guatemala flag inside of it and It looks amazinggg but I think I'll wait if I do. Anyways he learned he could get one and he was so excited. It takes a week to get and my companion said that he wanted to wait another week and then go. I got a little flustered and he asked me what was wrong and I just told him that it is frustrating for me that I came out here wanting to work as hard as I can but I'm stuck with a companion that is only here because he's waiting for a suit. I am reading my scriptures all the time and studying Spanish, so are the other missionaries but my companion is just goofing around, talking to people outside or playing the piano. It's hard when I have to follow him around when I am trying to have some peace. It has been so immensely hard to feel the Spirit. I have to literally be perfect. It has made a huge difference when literally ANYTHING that ticks me off, I repent and move on. I can at least have the Spirit with me sometimes. It's just also very hard when my companion is singing rap songs, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles. It is so hard to get my own songs out of my head but when they are being sung all the time it is impossible. He never goes to bed on time and constantly keeps us up. I don't want him to go, I just wish he would take the mission seriously. I told him that if he was going to leave he needs to just leave but if he's going to stay he needs to work 100%. I also told him that he was denouncing the title of a missionary but again he took that well. I'm glad he's somewhat humble cause I couldn't take that even if it was true. He told me he would try his best to help me while he's still here. 

So today has literally been the WORST! Its in the 80's and the AC doesn't work. We did a service project which was super cool and then came home and worked out. We played volleyball and basketball for about an hour and we were sweating like pigs. I tried to get as hot as I could so that I could take a SUPER cold shower and it was going to be sooo niccceeee. We go upstairs and I get ready to go in the shower and find out the water has been turned off. I am sitting there, sweating, dying, and I can't shower. I am sitting here in church clothes and I haven't showered all day. I haven't washed my hands all day and it feels disgusting. I HATE BEING DISGUSTING. I have layers of nastiness on me. I can't even wash my clothes but it's fine. The Lord provides a way. 


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