November 2, 2020


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Elzinga


lakwe iakwe everybody!!

This week was another awesome week!!! One of the cool parts about Oklahoma is that it doesn't snow too much, everything just freezes instead!! So we SCHMACKED by an ice storm this week hahah! Holy cow it was insane! There like a half inch of ice on literally everything! Cars, grass, houses, playgrounds, trees, you know name it and it was covered with a fat layer of ice! The power was out in like half of the city so people didn't have Heat in their homes! It was crazy! Branches on the trees started falling off because of all the ice on them! There were thousands of branches blocking roads and there were whole entire trees falling on top of houses! It was insane. But it gave us missionaries an amazing opportunity to serve! So we cleared up the whole day on Friday and some of Saturday to do service ! We rode around on our bikes and helped people clean up their yards and do whatever we could do to help them! It was an awesome experience, there are some amazing people here in Oklahoma! We have been working so hard this week! I fell asleep in my shirt and tie and name tag haha I woke up in the morning like "what the heck is going on?" Also our friends are progressing and doing well!! Kanmel is still on date to be baptized! We might have to push Erlindas baptism back a little bit, but it's all good! She just needs to be a little bit more ready! The Lord has been so good to us here! Also I'm moving today to a different apt so don't send anything to my address now! God speed!!

Iakwe kom

Elder Barben


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