October 5, 2020


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Elzinga


Hello Brothers and Sisters!!

So many great things happened this week! We will start with Sunday because it was the best day of the week! Our friend Junico got baptized!! It was so awesome, he kept whispering in my ear "I am so excited" it was so cute hah! He's such a stud. He has had such a hard life for a 9 year old. It was so cool to see him so happy about being baptized! I have been calling him "jatutu" which means someone who doesn't shower for a long time haha. I told him I would stop when he gets baptized, so now I have to stop haha. Also when we taught him what it means to take upon Him the name of Christ, we explained it like a Basketball jersey and you have Christ's name right on the front! He said he wanted a Christ jersey so we made him one and he loves it hah! I love that little dude Junico. Also general conference was amazing! I have so much I need to do better but I am so grateful for a Loving Heavenly Father who gives us Prophets, Seers, and Revelators to guide us in the latter days! We are so blessed. The church of Jesus Christ has been restored. Look for missionary opportunities, pray for them. Let's gather scattered Israel! And most of all, Let God Prevail!! Life is so great out here in Oklahoma, time is flying by. My companions are amazing, we will be bros for life for sure! They are working so hard on the language and they don't get too offended when Marshallese people make fun of them hah. They're such studs! But I love you all, if your still read these emails, you're a real one haha!! God speed!

Iakwe kom!

Elder Barben


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