August 31, 2020


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Huang


Iakwe from Oklahoma!!

Brothers and sisters, being a missionary is so cool! I have the wackest mission call in the world, but it's the best I wouldn't have it any other way! One of my favorite parts of my call is that I get to work with people and families for a long time because I only have had 2 areas! I met clora Latior (at the time her last name was not Latior) over a year ago! We taught her and taught her and she finally wanted to be baptized. But before her baptism, she was worried because she wanted her boyfriend, caston to get baptized with her, but he wasn't feeling it then. So I promised her that if she'd take this leap of faith and receive the Gift of the the Holy Ghost, she could change her family. So she did it, and her son Hemos did it with her. Fast forward to now, her husband (she was married to him and baptized on the same day back in December) is getting baptized this saturday with their daughter lulu! Lulu wasn't ready this time either but we called them last night and Lulu whispered in Cloras ear and Clora was like "kanaan!" which means "speak!". So lulu hopped on the call and said "remember when you asked me to be baptized and i said no? Well.... I changed my mind, I want to be baptized now." It was the coolest thing ever! That family is the best ever, I love them so much and a year from now they're going to be sealed in the temple forever! What an amazing work we all have the chance to be apart of! Such an awesome miracle. I have seen that family change soo much! They are so happy, it's almost like all of this it true and it brings you happiness or something idk? Haha! But also my birthday was so fun, we were gonna have a huge party but then everyone got the Corona so we cancelled it! But we still had little parties with some of the members it was so fun! Im 20?! So wack, but the work is good out here! Stay tuned, 5 people getting baptized in September!! God is good all the time! God speed!

Iakwe kom

Elder Barben


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