August 17, 2020


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Huang


Hello friends and family!!

Shout out to everyone who still reads these haha y'all are the real ones! But this was an awesome week! We saw some crazy miracles! Our friends tomy and Jessica are on date to be married and baptized on the 30th of September! The Lord has been preparing them for awhile and they are ao ready now! It is so cool how this is the Lords work and we are just kind of here. Also there's this little kid named Junico that wants to get baptized. I told him I am going to call him "jatutu" until he gets baptized! That means that he doesn't shower haha the kids think it's so funny! We have so many people progressing right now, it's crazy! We will keep you posted on some more bap dates soon hopefully! There's all these little kids in a little Marshallese community called newview and they all run up to us and say "ELDER BARBIE!!! ELDER GUAM!!" it's so funny. We also had church for the first time in 5 months!! That was so fun, it had been awhile! Also, we had zone conference and President Christensen gave an awesome training about how to OBTAIN and not earn blessings. He read a talk called" abound with blessings" by Elder Renlund. He compares it to a match and a huge pile of wood and fuel. The Lord provides the wood and the fuel, we just got to strike the match! Nothing happens until the match is stuck! I have way seen that on my mission and I know this is HIS work and not mine! The church is true! God speed!

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