July 20, 2020


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Huang


Hello friends and family!!

This was kind of a wack week. Elder Huang got strep-throat last week and so we had to stay inside a lot. Right as he was getting better, I got it! So we had to stay inside pretty much the whole week which was way lame. But we got soo much better at using Facebook so that was way sweet. I think the Lord wanted us to use facebook more haha. But we found some new friends that we are wayy stoked about! Stay tuned. Also, we got a MONSTER snapping turtle. It was insane I'll send a picture of it. Also this member thats a little girl made these edits of me and Elder Huang, we thought they were funny. It was kind of a slow week, but I learned a lot in my studies! I read Matthew 14 again. Its a beautiful chapter besides the very first part where John the Baptist gets beheaded hah but after that, it is one of my favorites. It has the Miracle of the feeding of the 5,000. Where the Savior feeds 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish. When we bring all we have to the savior, He will make it enough! This chapter also has the miracle of when the Savior walked on the water. Peter asks the Savior if he can go out on the water with him. Just like always the Savior invites him to "come." So peter goes, and he walks on the water just fine for awhile, until he loses focus on the Savior and looks at the storms and starts to fear. He then begins to sink down in the water and the Savior comes to his rescue. But I loved how these two stories are in the same chapter. As we bring all we have to him, as we focus on him and fear not.... He can do something great with us. Only he can make us whole! What a blessing to be able to share His gospel with these people! I love the Savior, I am so blessed to wear the name-tag with His name on it everyday! The church is true, God speed!

Iakwe kom (love yall)

Elder Barben


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