January 27, 2020


Ponca City


Elder Huang


The work is soo good. It seems like every week there is something that I am so stoked to tell yall about. But this week, I had the amazing opportunity to go to my man Amon's baptism! Elder Miner and I found him when I was a week and a half in the mission and could not speak the language at all haha. We saw soo many miracles with them. A miraculous healing of their daughter after a priesthood blessing, them moving to Iowa and then moving back to Enid just so he could be baptized, and so many more. But that family is my favorite, I love them so much and I was so lucky to be there for it. Also President Christensen was there and gave an awesome talk, he is the best man ever. But another cool miracle is that some of the less-actives that we are teaching asked to teach them about being sealed in the temple. It was so cool to have them ask us about it. But as we were teaching it, some of the members from the group walked in the door and they are preparing for the temple as well! It was so awesome to teach them together about eternal families! They are choosing a date now that they can go to the temple together and be sealed! They want to go to a temple in Utah (the promised land) and so some of yall might get to meet these awesome people! I love them so much. Also these pics from this week are so weird ahah. One is of Me and Elder Huang with a girl named Hannah who will be Baptized on Saturday! She is the coolest girl and has the coolest story. Me and Elder Marsmaker were on exchanges and bought a bunch of weird exotic fruits for no reason. And the one of me by the door is me in some "Majel shoes". Every Marshallese person has these shoes hha. But this is about the longest email I have ever written so thats cool and we also have 3 Baptisms this week that I am soooo stoked for!! The Lord is blessing us so much, thank you for the prayers. This is a Gospel of Miracles, the church is true! God speed!

Elder Barben


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