December 2, 2019


Ponca City


Elder Huang

Christmas season ahh yeahhh

This week has been awesome! It is such a weird area up here in Ponca City. We work mostly with Marshallese but we also teach some white people as well. In Enid, I never taught white people and they are soo weird! This one guy made Elder Huang unclog his toilet and I was laughing so hard, I was crying! It was hilarious. The Okies man, they're so funny. They got soo much stuff and they all got a wack smell in their house. Its kinda gross, gotta love them though. But the Marshallese work is going well! We got a lot of people progressing closer to baptism and got Paul Mission (he is the most important person here) to come to church. He used to be in the Branch Presidency and knows English and Marshallese. My companion said that he has never seen him at church so that is HUGE for us! The Lord is magnifying us over here. My Marshallese has been improving a ton over here. It is way fun to translate for the Bishop and conduct sacrament meetings. Little by little we are getting closer and closer to a Branch! It is an exciting time to be a missionary here! We ate Thanksgiving dinner with all the Marshallese Members at the Church, it was so fun. They gave us some butoktokin peeg, which means blood of a pig. It is actually kinda good hah. Majels are the goat. Oh and one sad thing, I missed another baptism in Enid. I am just hyped that they got baptized hah! I love the work! God speed!

Elder Barben


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