November 25, 2019


Ponca City


Elder Huang

Ponca city ahh yeahhh

Hello everybody. If you are still reading my emails at this point, you're a real one hah. But this week was so cool. I have so many more responsibilities. So we cover the English ward in Ponca and also the Marshallese Group (hopefully a branch soon). So we have so much to do, but it's awesome. The first priority is Marshallese work and then we see white people when we can. I've never really taught white people before but its insane. Its like I'm the tv show "hoarding buried alive" haha. And they all have a way sour smell its wack. But I love these Okies. I am most excited about the Marshallese group here. We had a meeting with the bishop who doesn't know Marshallese and so I was able to translate for them. Also I conducted sacrament meeting and assign speakers and stuff. It is way fun to have so many responsibilities. We have until March to double the group. We have about 18 active people right now and we need to have 40 by March. Heavenly Father has helped so much already and I know that we can do it with His help. Also, as we approach this Christmas season, please watch this video, it is so good. The best video I have ever seen. I love you all and thank you for the love and support! God Speed!

Elder Barben


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