November 18, 2019


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Miner

iakwe ro jeiu im jatu

Holy cow what a crazy couple of weeks! Some straight miracles are happening here in Enid. My parents wrote about how Ammon and Ertila moved to Iowa and he was just about to get baptized, I was so sad. But then they texted and said that it is the will of God for Ammon to get baptized and so they will move back to Iowa after he is baptized! I was so happy! And also Clora and Caston are getting married and baptized on the 15th with their kid Hamos and friend Tracy as well. SOOO much awesome stuff is going down!
With that being said, I am getting transferred and will miss all of their baptisms unless President will let me come down for them. Some of them asked me to baptize them, so I hope that he does. I love them so much, they are awesome. But I am going to a place called Ponca to try and start a Marshallese Branch there. My companion is named Elder Huang and he has been out for about 2 months now. We got about a month to have it growing or else they will stop trying for a branch. I will be conducting sacrament, translating for interviews with the bishop and sooo much more over there. It is an awesome opportunity, but the pressure is on hah. Just as I was starting to get comfortable here the Lord puts me in another sink or swim situation! I am looking forward to the challenge though. Thank you all for your prayers and support! I know that this is the Lords work and I trust in Him! God Speed!
Elder Barben
Just a couple additions that Bo didn't have time to write... Bo needs SIX Melchizedek priesthood holders in Ponca, right now there are only 2! On the back of Bo's mission badge he has written, "Make a branch in Ponca" in Marshallese. Please keep Bo and his earnest prayer of a branch in Ponca in your daily prayers.
Bo ate something this week that was "blood of a pig" - basically just blood clots. He said it wasn't too bad.
Bo said he is reading the Bible right now and loving it. His favorite part so far was in Matthew 14. He said he learned: 1. We should never doubt. 2. We should never take our eyes off the Savior. If we do He is there to catch us. 3. We need to reach out.
He said they wanted to do something fun for Bo's last Pday so they were "going to some thrift stores." :)
Bo talked about a religion there called "Bahai." They believe in every single book of scripture. 18 books. They believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet but they don't believe that Pres Nelson is a prophet because the only way to be a prophet is if you're killed.


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