November 11, 2019


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Miner

Bo needs more time to write home! :)

Bo did not have enough time to write home yesterday so he asked us to share a few thoughts in his place. In his mission they are only given two hours a week to communicate home. This includes his phone calls, returning Google Hangout messages and emails. Yesterday he only had an hour and a half. He said there are two members of the 70 coming to visit and he needed a haircut so that took up a lot of his free time yesterday.

He was very excited yesterday about making his Christmas cards. These are the only pictures he sent so we are assuming these are the pictures for his card? He has such a great time with Elder Miner! Unfortunately transfers are coming up and it is looking like one of them will be transferred to a different Marshallese City in Oklahoma.

They have been working a lot with some investigators that Bo and Elder Miner found at the very beginning of their mission. They have been progressing so well and were getting very close to being baptized. Because of financial hardships they had to move to a different state this week. Bo was very sad to see them go.

He has been working with a couple who has lived together for 14 years and have three kids. They have decided to get married and have baptism dates set for December 15th! Please keep them in your prayers!

Mike and I appreciate all of you more than you know. Your prayers in Bo's behalf are blessing him. He is so upbeat and happy every week we talk to him. It is getting cold there and he is on his bike 99% of the time. He has such a way of looking on the bright side and just enjoying every moment!

With love,
Mike and Vanessa Barben


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