September 16, 2019


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Springer and Elder Miner


Hello friends and family. This week started out awesome. Our Friends (investigators) were doing sooo well. They were all taking huge steps and I was so hyped. We told them that the next step was baptism and marriage, because they have doing so well. But the Marshallese don't like commitment at all. We normally get like 7-9 people to church which is super good for our mission. But this week we got 3. Super frustrating. I hope that we didn't scare them off. It is hard to understand why they don't act on the answers that they receive. They have told me that they know that it is true. I hope that we can continue to meet with them and help them out as best we can. They are awesome, I am just mad at them right now haha. We will continue to bring the spirit into their home and let the Lord work on them. He's a lot better than us haha. This is His work, He will help us out. But we also had a lot of fun this week. It DUMPED on us haha. It was insane, the pics and vids dont do it justice. It was nice to get a break from the heat. These little marshallese kids are so cute, they follow us around all the time its way funny. Bri sent me here Ukulele this week and Elder Miner has been teaching me. It has been so fun. Im trash at it, but I have a good time with it. I'm going to be Marshallese soon with my ukulele skills ahha. But thank y'all for the love, I am so blessed to know all of you. God Speed!

Elder Barben


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