August 5, 2019


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Springer and Elder Miner


Yoooo whats up friends and family. It is my first REAL week as a missionary. It has been a flippin grind haha. so good though. So Elder Miner and I are comps again but we are getting trained by Elder Springer and he is such a stud. I love this guy. He has taught us so much already and we still got a minute with him before he goes home. The languge, oh man. These people talk sooo fast. And they mumble super bad, so it's so hard to understand. I can speak decent, but I am having a hard time understanding. I get frustrated with it at times, but it is helping me rely on the Lord. I know that He will help me get it, so I will continue to work on it and hopefully it comes sooner than later haha. It has been a crazy week. There is an Elder Barben in our zone so that's super weird but hes way cool. Everyone here is so nice. The Marshallese people are so cool but oh my gosh they sleep so much haha. We will knock on their door for like 5 minutes straight at like 3 in the afternoon and they will be like 'Jolok bod iaar kiki" that means sorry I was sleeping. They sleep soo much hah it's funny. They are so nice. We haven't been denied one time, they always are down to study with us. They are so giving and they feed us sooo much food and mountains of rice. The other day they gave us this fish jerkey stuff and Elder Miner almost threw up it was hilarious haha. I love these people already and now I am just grinding so I can understand their language. I am loving the mission so far. It is great, I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Love and miss you all, God Speed!

Elder Barben


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