July 19, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Miner


ayyyyeeee, P-day the Goat day !!! hah jk everyday the goat day. Life is good here at the MTC. Me and the other elders and sisters are working hard. Miner and I felt like we kind of hit a plateau (I think that's how you spell it) so we have been GRINDING. We set some new daily goals and we have been having the best study sessions and lessons that we have ever taught. We skyped a guy from the Marshall islands yesterday and taught him a lesson, and he was complimenting our marshallese so hard. Me and Miner were HYPED to say the least. So the language is coming along pretty well, the gift of tongues is for real haha. We have been here for 4 weeks and we winged a 30 minute lesson with no lesson plan at all. We just talked about the Gospel and it was a way good lesson actually. We won't do that again though, it was so scary. We teach like 2 lessons everyday and we get one comp study so it's hard to get everything in. We're busy but it's good. We had a devotional on Tuesday and the guy told lots of stories but one stood out to me. His son came home from his mission and looked at his dad and said "Dad, I did my best." And I want to be able to say that to my dad as well, and also my Father in Heaven. That motivated me to be a better missionary. I have been working hard, but there are little things that I can be doing better, so Miner have been stepping it up. Everyone here says I talk like a "hick" I don't understand but I ride with it haha. I will always put grass and stuff in my mouth because then they're like "YOU REALLY ARE". It's so funny haha. Also me and some of my friends here got some suspenders, they're so sick. Everyone was looking at me so weird though, it was funny. We decided were only wearing them on sundays haha. We have a lot of fun here. I will say this though, I am ready to get outta here. I want to go out in the field so bad haha. I only got like a week and half left though, so I am almost there haha. We should get our flight plans today is the rumor?? I don't know we will see haha. But thank you all for the love and support, it means so much to me for real. I am so blessed to know all you great people. keep being you. God Speed!

-Elder Barben


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