July 13, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Miner

Lakwe jan MTC eo

AYE friends and family!! Sorry I can't type with the accents and stuff when I type in Marshallese, but it's all good i guess haha. I am officially past half way done with the MTC! It's been an awesome experience out here but I can't wait to get out in the field haha. The kids that were in our zone when we got here are gone now. It was sad to say bye to them. It's crazy how close you can get with people in just a few weeks. There's this one dude that just left named elder mapa and he was so sick. He is going to be the first brown prophet no joke haha. He was telling us some insane stuff and he talks like a legit apostle with huge words and stuff. He sent me a cool email after he left, he was my favorite one for sure. But since the old people left, the new ones came in. Me and my boys have been hanging out with the new kids making them feel welcome. It has been a good time. I have had a lot of spiritual experiences this week but the biggest one I had was at a devotional. They showed a video of Jeffery R. Holland's talk "The first great commandment". Oh my gosh, it was insane. I had a lump in my throat so hard and I looked over at my friend Elder Dawe hes a biiig boy, football player and he was balling haha. Everyone was, it was such a good talk. You guys should listen to it if you get the chance. Also listen to "character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. I love those talks. Me and Dawe always look at this little Korean guy because he looks just like Kim Jong Un hahah (i think that's how you spell it). So we went up and asked for a picture and he hardly spoke english but we got him to do it, so you guys can see him hahah it was so funny. we were like "you look just like our freind, can we get a pic with you?" but really we just though he looked like Kim hahahah. We have a lot of fun here but we work super hard also. The language is coming good. We learn new grammar principles everyday, it's getting complex haha but it's fun. These people speak so weird haha but it sounds cool so it's fun. We memorized the whole first vision this week and it was a grind, that's a lot of Marshallese words but it feels good to have it done. Me and Elder Miner are becoming closer and closer, he's a good dude. We are complete opposites but we get along really well. We get a lot done. For those of you who don't know, he is coming to Oklahoma with me and will be my companion again at some point for sure. So I will definitely see this dude again hahah. My testimony of the church continues to grow every day. I know that it is true and I love being a missionary. Ijela ke kabun eo ej mool. Ijela ke Russel M. Nelson ej juon Ri-Kanaan in Anij. Ijela ke Anij im Jisos Kraist iakwe koj. Ij komoolol kon Pinmuur eo an im emman iien bwe jej bok mour indeoo koon e. Ij iakwe Jemad Ilan im nejin eo an Jisos Kraist. Ij ba men kein Ilo etan Jisos Kraist amen. There is part of my Marshallese testimony for you guys, I should have done that sooner, but I forgot haha. I love you all so much thanks for the love and support. God Speed !!

-Elder Barben


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