February 1, 2021


Flora De Mayo, Chiapas, Mexico


Elder Eufracio

Elder Christopherson's Wood Chopping Club

The past two week have gone by so fast and so much happened its hard to remember all of it and then put it to words in an email but here were some of the big highlights:

Dolores one of our friends who recently got baptized is becoming a better missionary than we are. She is so passionate about the gospel now and loves sharing with her family and is always inviting them to learn more and talk to the missionaries. Her daughter Christina has payed special interest and we have seen her become so happy and content as she has come closer to Jesus. She has expressed her desire to be baptized and we are now just waiting for her to tell us the day!!!

As the title suggests I have grown quite fond of wood chopping as well! Here in Flor de Mayo nobody really uses stoves but rather they use genuine fire from wood to cook, boil, fry, honestly anything you can do with a stove they use fire. However because everyone uses wood to cook there is a high demand for wood chopping. It's turned out to be a great way to meet new people and has opened the hearts of those we do know. One day we brought some of the youth with us and had 6 people helping chop wood for this guy we are teaching. Lots find it pretty funny to see a tall white American chopping their wood so they get a kick out it too. I can definitely testify that service opens hearts and it's extremely heart warming to do as well!

We also got to celebrate the birthday of our buddy Gonzalo who was babtized recently! For his birthday we went iguana hunting with sling shots and ate tamales after. If any of you don't know iguana is absolutely delicious and worth hunting. Sadly we didn't find any but it was a blast celebrating Gonzalos birthday.

Have a great week everyone. Thanks for reading these emails and keeping in touch!!
Les amo,

Elder Christopherson


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