December 22, 2020


Flora De Mayo, Chiapas, Mexico


Elder Shank & Elder Rasmussen

These Dreams

Merry Christmas to all and greetings from the land of Mexico. Hope you all are feeling the Holiday Spirit and spending time with those you love!!

This week has been great. We had the baptism for Maria Jose on Wednesday the service was great. Leading up to the baptism was crazy because we had found a members home where we were gonna baptize her but turns out all they had was water so we had to find something that closely resembled a font. After some thinking we decided the best option would be to find a mini children's pool and do it there so we went to the Bodega and for 25 dollars we bought a pool to perform the baptism and it worked perfectly. It was a day for miracles first finding the pool then getting to help Maria come closer to Christ.

I have also been able to see how God prepares his people to listen to the Gospel. This week we taught this woman Christina who is actually the daughter of Dolores who wants to get baptized. Christina didn't really want anything to do with the missionaries but after some vivid dreams she had where she literally saw us missionaries her heart softened and is now willing to listen. It's amazing to see how God softens people's and how he does it in many different ways one of which is dreams. We are excited to teach Christina and bring her to Christ.

Have a merry and safe Christmas! This time of year is a time to not only celebrate the saviors birth but do as he does and light the world.
Les amo


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