July 20, 2020


Belen, New Mexico


Elder Durling

Love Is All You Need

This quote has been in my emails before but it never hurts to quote the Beatles twice. This week was spent like the others reading lots and doing lesson via technology. Its repetitive yes but I find myself learning so much each day and feeling so uplifted while gaining a deeper understanding of God and His son Jesus Christ. We get some outside time luckily and while doing some exploration the landscape while seemingly barren carries a quite subtle beauty that I am growing to appreciate quite a bit! We sat out there one day in the middle of the desert in peaceful silence and read our scriptures which was a good change of setting from the usual indoors.

The theme I have much spoken about is love and that is because it's essential to everything we do as followers of God and as humans in general. A heart full of love can make all the difference in ones life and can manifest in many different ways. Maybe its it's opening a door at the store for someone and gracing them with a kind smile, maybe its sending an uplifting text to someone who needs a good work, or it can be through selfless service and care for those you are close to. There are many ways to show love and doing so will make us and the people we show it to happier. I can testify of that. I love you all and know that God loves you even more then we can now fully comprehend may we all be more loving this week myself included help ourselves and one another.

Con amor
Elder Christopherson


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