February 3, 2020


Ixhuatan, Oaxaca Mexico


Elder Castro

The People In Ixhuatán Know How to Party

It´s been a week full of fiestas here. They call it the candelaria and its where they worship their town saint by throwing a week long fiesta. There are a whole ton of shops, games, food and everything. Its like a carnival or state fair we´d have back at home but with lots more mariachi music. That has made the work a little slower this week with everyone out at fiestas but we keep grinding. This week they had a massive concert as well that was part of the celebration with 3 huge stages and tons of bands, it look like and sounded wild cause we actually live right by the place the concerts were at and they were going until like 3 in the morning partying which was wild!!

The testimony meeting in church especially stuck out as many of the testimonies were on the theme of tests and trials in life. We will have hard times in this life, we will have tests of faith, patience, and many other things. Thankfully we have Savior Jesus Christ. When we are going through hard times, depression, death of a loved one, or ilness he is here for us. He knows what we are going through cause he has felt it himself and has overcome it. We can learn from our trials and become better because of them. I like to look at the analogy of working out, its only through breaking down our muscles and going through some soreness that we become stronger and grow our muscles. That is the same with our trials, we will go through some difficulties but with the help and love of the Savior we will become better than we were before the trial!

I love you all.

Elder Christopherson


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