October 25, 2019


Mexico City CCM


Elder Allen

Semana Dos En El CCM

This week has flown by! It`s safe to say that being here is an absolute blessing! We spend lots of time is class learning which can sound like a drag but it`s all to help us! I`ve learned a lot and have met a lot of great people! My brain is pretty packed with spanish all the time but its all good!

This week we focused a lot on talking to everyone and meeting people! We did this one activity where volunteers came in to the CCM and we just had a goal to talk to them and get to know who they are. It was all in Spanish and was honestly the coolest thing, people are great! Everyone has a story and their story is important, God loves all of his children personally and individually! Our goal as missionaries is not to merely recite a script and be robots we are real people with a real message that can personally change the lives of those we teach on an individual basis.

A really neat experience this week playing soccer with latinos on Miercoles because it was a blast! They are way better than us at soccer but is was a great time! While playing I stood there and looked around soaking in the fact that I was in the middle of Mexico city, learning spanish, and playing soccer with Latinos haha! This is a once in a lifetime experience and i`m great for all of your guy`s support and love! I`d love to hear from you all!

Les Amo
Elder Christopherson


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