January 26, 2021


Fernley NV


Elder Johnson and Elder Madsen

1 year mark!

Helloooo! This week was such a great week! It was pretty eventful so it flew by!

We started off the week driving all over Reno to do some last minute things before Elder Madsen left for Paraguay. I was pretty happy about it because we got to get some Cane's and let me tell you, it was beautiful hahaha. Elder Madsen's trip didn't get delayed so he actually got to go! It was sad to see him go but I mean he's going to Paraguay! People are starting to get ready to go back to Brazil in February which is insane. Going back to Brazil might be in my near future but until then, I'm going to keep loving Nevada!

We have been working a lot with members this week and I noticed a common theme. Everyone we talked to mentioned how much better their life is when they trust in God. I think this is a very important principle because a lot of our fear of the future and our stress comes from putting our trust in someone or something else. God is good and when we trust in Him and put in our best effort, everything will take care of itself.

I hit my 1 year mark on my mission this week and it's pretty crazy! It is going by so fast! It's time to work harder than ever before! I appreciate all of the support and love you guys show. It truly does make an impact. I hope you all have a great week filled with joy and laughs! muito amor!

Oh yeah, it also snowed this weekend! Pretty pretty sweet! Tchau!


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