October 12, 2020


Ely NV


Elder Patterson

It' s getting cold

How's it going everyone! I hope y'all are doing good! Thank you so much for all of the emails! I appreciate all of them so much and I will respond as quickly as possible!

Like I said in my last email, I have been quarantined all week so it wasn't the most eventful haha. On the bright side, I got my covid test results back and they were negative! It's definitely a relief knowing that I don't have it . The quarantine officially ended today so I'm excited to get out of the house again haha. It's starting to get cold here (for me at least) and I'm not looking forward to it. I much rather be under the hot sun than be in the cold. But hey, it will build some character and it will be a new experience for me haha.

Although we were quarantined this week, our mission President gave us permission to go to a baptism that we had set up! Madalynn was baptized this Saturday and it was an amazing day! She was super excited and I was happy to teach and prepare her for baptism.
I apologize for the short email, it was just a slow week hahaha. Oh yeah, and congrats to the Lakers and LeGOAT on winning the championship hahaha. I love you all so much and I wish you all the best! Talk to you guys soon! Tchau tchau!


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