September 16, 2020


Ely NV


Elder Clifton


What's up everyone! It has been a really busy past couple of weeks which is good!

Last week we did a bunch of service like we always do haha. We had exchanges twice which was crazy. One of those times was with the assistants and that was fun. They stayed with us from Saturday night until Tuesday morning. We taught a bunch of lessons and did some service. One of the assistants and I got to go to church in Utah and after that we hopped on a zoom call for a church meeting in Reno. It's super cool how technology allows us to do that. On that P-Day we went mountain biking and fishing.
I caught a bunch of fish but it's super easy to catch stuff where we go. They just stock a whole bunch of fish in the lake and not feed them until we come hahaha. It's super fun though.
This week we continued to do a lot of service of course. We went to a bunch of different ranches and it was a great time. This week we found 2 people that want to get baptized! It required literally no work on our end, they just came to us with that desire. Hopefully they continue to progress and we get to schedule dates for them to get baptized. This was super motivating because it showed me that people are ready and willing to accept the Gospel.
We got transfer calls on Sunday and I will be staying here in Ely! However, my companion will be going to Reno and I'll be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Patterson and he will be the new zone leader here. I've been companions with only zone leaders so far in this mission. I guess they must think I'm in need of some more shaping up or something hahaha. I'm just kidding. But yeah, I get to go to Reno tomorrow and stay the night there which is fun. Hopefully I get to go to Chick-fil-A or Canes because I sure do miss those places hahaha.
I really appreciate all of the emails from everyone! I love you all. Stay safe. Have a good week! Tchauuu

Some pictures from our trip to Utah again.


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