August 18, 2020


Ely NV


Elder Clifton

Week 7 in Ely

Olá everyone! I hope all you guys are doing well! It really means a lot to hear from you guys so thank you for the emails!
This week was a really great week! We didn't do anything new, but it was good nonetheless hahaha. Last week I said we were going to feed cows but that's not at all what we did. That day they were actually
funneling the cows into a shoot where they sprayed them with some sort of poison to kill the bugs and what not and give them shots. I ended up being the person spraying poison on their backs hahaha. I would've never thought I'd be doing that on my mission but I had a good time and it was nice to help the people on the ranch out.
Today we went shed hunting which was super fun! Shed hunting is just when you go into the mountains and look for deer/elk antlers that they shed. I've gone twice now and no luck so far haha. On our way
back home we got a flat tire hahaha. That's our 2nd time
2 weeks, I'm starting to get really good at switching a flat which is nice.
During my studies this week I've been learning a lot! I'm really grateful for the time I have to study every day. I've been studying from all kinds of different places like the Book of Mormon, New Testament,
D&C, and the Teachings of Presidents.
Today I just wanted to invite you guys to smile! That's it, smile! Be happy! It goes a long way! Make it a great week! I love all of you guys! Tchau!


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