August 10, 2020


Ely NV


Elder Clifton

Week 6 in Ely

Hey guys! I hope all of you are doing well! Thank you for the emails, I appreciate all of them! It has been a really busy P-Day so this email is going to be a shorter one.

This week we did service every day! It was super fun! There are a couple of members who live on ranches and helping them is really cool. We are going to feed cows tomorrow so that is exciting!

I was able to watch Bree be baptize on Wednesday and that was awesome!! I wish i was there in person, i love her so much.

On Sunday I went to church in Utah! Yes, Utah! One of the wards we cover is in Utah and that was the first time we were able to go out there which was really fun!

Like I said, today was a super busy P-Day! We went fishing and that was honestly so fun! That was my first time going fishing and now I can't wait to go again! That took up most of the day and then my companion cut my hair! My hair was getting
pretty long and it needed to be done hahaha. It's way shorter than usual but I don't really care so I guess that is good.

Have a great week everyone! I wish nothing but good health and happiness for all of you! Tchau!


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