March 16, 2020


Teixeira de Freitas


Elder Douglas Ribeiro

Week 2 Teixeira de Freitas

Hey everyone! I hope all of you guys are staying healthy and safe. This virus is just pure chaos. Right now we are still doing normal missionary work and eating at all the members houses. We have bought enough food and water to last us a month so we are preparing to be quarantined haha. Being quarantined would not be ideal hahaha but it is definitely worth it if it means staying healthy. I don't think I will be sent home or anything at least I am praying I don't get sent home. 
Anyways, enough with this virus talk. This week was pretty good. The members help out so much and they always have people for us to teach. A lot of them don't want to hear more about the gospel but some of them do which is amazing. My companion and I are doing really well now. We are becoming good friends and he is helping me a lot which I am very thankful for. I have been reading The Book of Mormon so much. I am a dummy for not reading it before the mission. This week was good but we spent a lot of time preparing for quarantine. Not too exciting. 
I love all of you guys and thank you for the emails! Hopefully we aren't quarantined by next Monday because we have no smart phone haha. I would say talk to you guys next week but that may not be the case. Who knows. Until next time! Tchau!


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